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Daniel Blake-Akpom

I am a former IT undergraduate university student and the founder of a health and wellness brand called (OptoMyHealth). OptoMyHealth is a health and wellness brand on a mission to get more people from across the world to become inspired, motivated, and interested in taking the necessary steps towards adopting a healthy lifestyle

The goal behind OptoMyHealth as a health and wellness brand is to get more people to see why adopting a healthy lifestyle is so important, beyond the apparent cliche, over-marketed topics in the media such as weight loss, detoxes, building muscle, burning fat, and so on.

I feel that cliche health and wellness topics in the media, i.e., “burn fat in 90 days,” really gives people a tainted/warped view and perception as to what it truly means to be healthy. With over-marketed topics in the health and wellness industry being thrown about, it is no wonder why some people may not ever see the real significance and benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle! 

Based on my personal experiences dealing with health-related obstacles and setbacks over the years, I can honestly vouch and say that maintaining a healthy lifestyle over the years has drastically improved and positively transformed my life. I generally have more energy as well as more productive throughout the course of the day. In addition, I also experience more mental clarity and less brain fog as a whole.

Examples of how adopting a healthy lifestyle has personally benefited and improved my life over the years includes the following:

  1. More energy and less fatigue
  2. Better quality sleep (Waking up feeling refreshed as opposed to un-refreshed.)
  3. Enhanced stress tolerance (No longer experiencing burnout and other chronic stress-related issues)
  4. Improved Mood (Increased levels of happiness and reduced feelings of anxiety and depression)
  5. Increased Fitness and Endurance (Able to run longer distances without getting tired)
  6. Faster Workout Recovery – Doesn’t take me a long time to recover from an intense physical workout.
  7. Enhanced Mental Clarity – Better concentration and less feelings of brain fog throughout the day.

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