Best Brain Training Apps

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Lumosity, Peak, Elevate, Fit Brains Trainer, and Cognito attempt to maintain customers’ grey cells supple with daily workouts on Android and iOS.

For smartphones and tablets, several brain-training apps are now accessible.

For smartphones and tablets, several brain-training apps are now accessible.

If somebody attempts to convince you that everyday brain exercise is a digital activity, smack them with a rolled-up newspaper that opens to the crosswords page (gently).

However, the brain-training genre has been popular on portable devices since the fictional Dr. Kawashima began people exercising their grey cells on a Nintendo DS. Smartphones and tablets aren’t any different.

The most popular brain-training apps follow a similar pattern:

  • collections of mini-games that claim to test various mental skills
  • attractive graphs that indicate how you’re progressing over time
  • optional subscriptions for more games and features

The scientific rigor of their promises to improve your brain can be debatable: Lumosity, for example, was recently fined $2 million for claims made in its advertising. They can, however, be enjoyable as a daily habit that feels more worthwhile than Candy Crush Saga. Here are five that are worth a shot.

Peak Android / iOS (in-app purchases + free)



Peak is the most elegant brain-training app on the market, with a fine assortment of mini-games spanning memory, language, mental agility, and… What was it, exactly? Yes, pay attention.

There are over 30 games to choose from, with enough diversity to keep your daily session from becoming monotonous. The free app has a lot to offer, but a £3.99 monthly subscription unlocks all games, personalizes your daily “workouts,” and provides more stats.

Elevate (free + in-app purchases) for Android and iOS


Elevate is a formidable competitor to Peak, with equally clear visuals and easy-to-understand mini-games that put your skills to the test. Over 30 of them here—all of the test memory, focus, math, understanding, and other mental abilities.

The program wants you to log in regularly, chart your “streaks” on its calendar, and adjust the difficulty levels as you improve. A-Pro subscription (£5.99 per month) unlocks more games and allows you to play them as much as you like.

Lumosity (Free + in-app purchases) for Android and iOS



The most experienced of the lot and the service pioneered many of the features that are now common among its competitors. A variety of mini-games are mixed and matched into a daily schedule here, along with the compulsory stat-tracking to illustrate your progress over time.

A monthly subscription – £8.99 in this case – unlocks more games and features, just like its competitors. Lumosity is more pricey on mobile, but the fact that you can access its website from a computer may be appealing.

Android/iOS Fit Brains Trainer (free with in-app purchases)

Trainer for Fit Brains.

Advertisement for Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer is a new, modern approach to brain training for mobile devices, with over 35 games organized into distinct workout sessions to keep your daily practice from becoming old, whether you’re testing your memory, attention, language, or other abilities.

Games based on your “emotional intelligence” (EQ) – a more prominent feature than with rivals – are an attractive addition here. You can play on the website from a computer, just like you can on Lumosity. The complete set of functionality is unlocked with a £7.99 monthly membership.

Cognito for iOS is a free app with in-app purchases.



Cognito is the most game-like of the five apps on this list, with its brain-training quizzes wrapped in a plot involving secret agents and global surveillance operations. It does, however, have all of the genre’s heavy elements, such as memory, logic, and word mini-games, as well as numbers that measure how your skills grow over time.

It also promises to use data from Apple’s Health app, such as steps and sleep, to show how exercise and sleep improve your mental agility. You can play for free every day, just like its competitors, but a membership – £5.99 a month – boosts the data and allows you unlimited access to the games.

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