Best HRV Monitors and Apps

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Top Active HRV Biofeedback Trainers 1. HeartMath EmWave2 emwave2 silver Overview

Standalone unit is a specialty.

Type of sensor: ear

Wifi and USB data transmission

Compatibility with apps is not necessary. Apps for Windows and Mac are available.

No water resistance.

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

EmWave2 offers cutting-edge technology at an accessible price. It provides clear input through colour and tone. It includes a built-in breathing coach that automatically tracks your sessions and provides feedback along the way. As you progress, other levels will continue to challenge you. It’s ideal for getting into the zone, falling asleep quickly, or before a difficult meeting. This is the best all-around device.

If that isn’t convincing enough, emWave2 has been scientifically proven by decades of research and thousands of positive customer evaluations.

EmWave2 (HeartMath) Purchase 2. Lief Therapeutics lief Overview

Continuous HRV and personal coaching are her areas of expertise.

Type of sensor: Adhesive patch

Bluetooth data transmission

Compatibility with apps: Lief app

No water resistance.

Battery life: 1-6 days, depending on usage.

Lief Therapeutics is a newcomer that is quickly gaining popularity among clinicians, researchers, coaches, and other health professionals. Lief is one of the few companies that uses real HRV biofeedback in its products. Lief, on the other hand, collects data via sensors embedded in simple adhesive patches rather than clunky wearables or connected sensors. These sensors are small enough to be hidden behind clothing and enable continuous medical-grade ECG monitoring.

Lief, unlike other devices, collects HRV patterns throughout the day and vibrates in real-time to assist you in identifying and reversing triggers. They are also the only organisation that provides personal HRV trainers to assist you in converting your data into value.

Purchase Lief Therapeutics
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  1. Overview of HeartMath InnerBalance inner balance

Value is a specialty.

Type of sensor: ear

Bluetooth or Lightning cable for data transmission

HeartMath app compatibility

No water resistance.

Battery: Rechargeable, with an operating time of 80 hours (Bluetooth model)

InnerBalance is related to HeartMath’s emWave2. It has the same high-tech sensors as the original, but with two advantages: portability and pricing. InnerBalance displays the information on your phone rather than a built-in breath and heart rate monitor. This is a two-edged sword. The device is smaller, but it requires a phone connection. The product is available in both Bluetooth and cable versions.

If you’re new to active HRV biofeedback training or looking for the best value, this is the package for you. Discover why NASA, Kaiser, Intel, Stanford, and medical researchers all over the world rely on it.

  1. EliteHRV CorSense corsense buy InnerBalance (HeartMath)

Portable is a specialty.

Type of sensor: Finger sensor

Bluetooth LE data transmission

App compatibility: The most widely used apps

No water resistance.

Battery life: 6 months (rechargeable).

Scorsese is a product developed by EliteHRV (who make one of the original and most widely used HRV tracking apps). I used EliteHRV for two years because I was testing many devices and needed to keep all of my data in one location. Scorsese is just a handy little finger clamp. It, like the others, can record both live biofeedback and resting HRV values. Their claim to fame is that the accuracy of their HRV is comparable to that of a hospital-grade 5-lead EKG.

Scorsese offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund policy as well as a 90-day warranty.

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