Eliminating negative thoughts in order to lose weight

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Every day, you have thousands of thoughts. You converse with yourself more than anyone else. You are your most trusted confidant and counsellor. Many of the talks you conduct with yourself are ones you would never share with anybody else because they would reveal the “true” you. The you who is plagued by self-doubt, anxiety, grief, guilt, hurts, and disappointments.

But this is not the “true you.” This is the version of you that your ego and belief systems have created. These negative thoughts were created by you and accepted as true by you. The unfortunate reality is that nothing could be further from the truth.

Where did these misconceptions about you come from? They were largely provided by others, such as parents, instructors, coworkers, and friends. They may have planted the seed by saying something like “she’s overweight,” and you may have cultivated those remarks to the point where they have become your truth.

You are allowing some obscure comments made years ago to dominate your entire existence. Nobody has the authority or power to tell you who you are. Only you know who you really are and what’s going on in your heart.

You entered this planet without the burdens of your existing negative belief system when you were born. You came into this world as a gorgeous bundle of joy, full of limitless potential and possibilities.

I’m here to tell you that you haven’t changed at all. You are, and always will be, a wonderful bundle of delight with limitless potential and possibilities.

The only distinction is in what you focus your attention on. Allow me to ask you a question. If you stopped all of the negative self-talk you’re now engaging in, such as;

  • I’m too big.
  • Why would anyone want to be in love with me?
  • I’ll never be skinny.
  • I’m always failing.

And the list could go on and on… What would your reaction be? Do you think you’d feel emotionally lighter as a result? Do you believe you would be happier? Do you believe you would feel more confident?

How do you think your life would alter if you took it a step further and changed your self-talk to just speak positively about yourself? If you take some time and focus solely on what you enjoy about yourself, your emotional condition will improve to the point that you will be able to accomplish anything.

When you start exploring for the positive aspects of yourself, you will be shocked to discover that your greatness has always existed just beneath the surface. You’ve never been anything other than the bright bundle of joy who came into the world years ago. By asking basic questions, you can easily unearth positive qualities of yourself.

  • What do I excel at?
  • Who has benefited from my presence in the world?
  • Who am I, and what do I carry in my heart that only I know?
  • What do I appreciate about my body?

Your objective is to feel happy right now. How do you feel right now? You will feel nice and joyful if you only pay attention to what you believe is positive about yourself. Make a decision right now about how you want to feel. Decide that you would always look for and appreciate the good in yourself.

So, what does any of this have to do with weight loss? Everything!!! The control valve that affects what you draw into your experience is your emotional state. Your self-talk shapes your beliefs and programmes your subconscious. So you must decide if you want your views and subconscious programming to be based on incorrect negative thinking. Or do you want your views to be founded on the fact that you are and have always been a wonderful being?

Begin loving and nurturing yourself today. Allow the natural joy, fun, and passion you had as a child to begin to permeate your daily activities. Allow yourself to rejoice in each and every accomplishment, no matter how minor. Every chance you get, love and cherish yourself. Do this every day and see your weight start to melt away, just as your old negative views about yourself start to go.

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