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The problem of setting the training at a particular moment in the day is more severe than it appears to be. The choice of the period when we train depends on more factors.
It’s clear from the start that we cannot consider three hours after every main meal because this interval must be allotted to digestion only. Considerable physical effort is unadvisable in this period (blood must not be directed to the muscles since gastric digestion has priority).
More precisely, people should train when their stomach is empty, but the level of glycemia must be constant. Considering a normal awake–asleep rhythm, there are two favorable moments when we can set fitness programs and training in general: one in the morning, between 10-12, and the other one in the afternoon, between 16-19.
Current practice in most sports confirms these periods as best for training.
Another argument for choosing one of these intervals for training is the body temperature, which now gets to its maximum. The second period (16-19) is even better than the first one because the temperature is higher and enhances sport performance.
It is not advisable to train very early in the morning, right after waking up and before breakfast. However, some authors support the idea of having the training in this period. The glycogen reserves are limited after the lack of food during sleeping, which is a reason for using the adipose tissue earlier in training than in other cases.
Unfortunately, at the same time, the stress hormones (cortisone) are secreted abundantly, so besides the adipose tissue, there is the risk of losing precious muscular tissue.
Another argument against this is that body temperature is shallow in the morning hours, so no motion parameters (force, resistance, speed, mobility, skill) can be fully activated. Thus, prolonged and tiring warming up would be necessary, hindering the actual training.
Everybody agrees that training before bedtime is not advisable because they delay sleep a few hours, given the growth of cortical activity and body temperature.
This schedule can be adapted to any biorhythm and time zone, and once automatism is installed, the training effect will increase.

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