Importance of achieving mental clarity

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A lot of people talk about the importance of a positive mindset, but I’ve always thought that a clear mindset is the key to success. So much of our brain space gets taken up when we’re unsure of who we are and what we want. Mental clarity is the best way to bring certainty to your life.

Here are five reasons why mental clarity is so important:

1. Clarity helps you find focus and direction

If you’ve ever felt lost or directionless in life, you probably know how hard it can be to make progress on anything. When you have clarity around your goals and priorities, it’s easier to move towards what you want out of life.

2. Clarity makes it easier to get things done

When you’re clear on the reasoning behind why you’re doing something, it’s so much easier to get things done. If you’ve ever started a project only to give up halfway through, you probably weren’t clear on why you were doing it in the first place.

3. Clarity makes it easier to prioritize

When your brain is foggy and you’re riddled with indecision, it’s hard to make choices that get you to where you want to be. Mental clarity helps you to make decisions with ease instead of overthinking. It also makes it easier to organize an overwhelming to-do list and decide what to work on first.

4. Clarity helps you push through doubt

When you’re unfocused and distracted, it’s easy to start doubting yourself. Mental clarity helps you to see yourself honestly and non-judgmentally. Instead of worrying about what others think of you, a clear and focused mind won’t even entertain these thoughts.

5. Clarity helps you feel content

Have you ever felt guilty for not appreciating your life, even though your life is pretty dang good? Instead of second-guessing whether your life is good enough, mental clarity allows you to see things as they are. It gives you the awareness to appreciate the little things that often go unnoticed so you can feel more content with what is.

How do you know if you’re lacking mental clarity?

Here are 5 signs you might be lacking mental clarity:

  1. You constantly question yourself and what you’re doing.
  2. You have to ask others for their advice about everything.
  3. You say yes to everything because you’re not sure what to prioritize.
  4. You’re overwhelmed with ideas and never know which one to work on first.
  5. You start creative projects but fail to finish them.

How To Create Clarity Daily

If you’re craving more clarity in your life to help you feel focused, here are five ways to help you achieve it every day:

1. A solid daily routine

Routines define our daily lives, and they take the guesswork out of what to do. This could be in the form of a morning routine, evening routine, or even a weekly routine where you theme your days for different projects. For example, you could make Mondays your admin days, Tuesdays big projects days, Wednesdays client days, etc.

There are three things I’ve incorporated into my morning routine to help me get out of my head before the day starts:

  • Journaling – gets my random thoughts and doubts out of my head
  • Meditation – creates quiet moments away from the chatter of everything else
  • Workout – gives me a chance to focus on my body instead of my thoughts

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2. Focus on your future vision

I have a page at the front of my daily notebook (I use this type from TUL) with a list of things I want to accomplish in my lifetime. These include big things like owning a condo and smaller things like meditating daily. You can create your own vision list here.

Reviewing this list every day reminds me of what I’m working towards. That way, I’m less likely to get distracted by what others are doing or compare my life to someone else’s. I know what’s important to me and what the path I want to take looks like.

3. Define your priorities to avoid distractions

Defining my life and work priorities has been a game-changer for helping me to keep a clear mind. Instead of overthinking where I should put my time and energy, I go through my priorities list to help me decide. Knowing what your top three priorities are will help you to make decisions from a place of alignment. Click here to learn how to define your top priorities if you’re unsure of what they are.

4. Plan your day the night before

One of the biggest time-sucks is trying to figure out what to do right before you need to do it. I always plan my to-do list the night before and time-block my schedule so that I know exactly what to do when I wake up.

My mind is clearer at night than when I first wake up so I’m more motivated to schedule things out. When I don’t feel like planning before bed, I remind myself to do something today that will make life easier tomorrow.

5. Take action

Action creates clarity. We try to tell ourselves that thinking about things will help us decide the best course of action, but often we won’t know what the right decision is until we’ve taken action.

Whatever you’re overthinking, make a decision and roll with it. You will learn whether you made the right decision or not, and you can course-correct if necessary.

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What does mental clarity look like to you?

I hope this post has encouraged you to strive for mental clarity in your daily life. There are so many benefits to a clear and focused mind, and you can get your mind into that state when you focus on what matters every single day.

Leave a comment with your thoughts. Do you struggle with mental clarity yourself? What helps you to clear your mind?

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