Adjustable Scoliosis Posture Corrector Spinal Auxiliary Orthosis for Back Postoperative Recovery Adults Health Care Hot Sale


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  • Brand Name: JIUYUNJIAO
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Model Number: RE445
  • Effect: Bone Care
  • Item Type: Braces & Supports
  • Model Number: Scoliosis Posture Corrector
  • Color: Black
  • Feature: Corrective spine
  • Suitable: Scoliosis, Spinal problem crowd, Postoperative Recovery
  • Advantage: Adjustable
  • Effect: Breathable
  • Usage: Posture correction, Bone care
  • key 1: Aluminum support bar
  • key 2: Easy to wear
  • key 3: Flexible
  • model number: Posture Corrector

Adjustable Scoliosis Posture Corrector Spinal Auxiliary Orthosis For Back Postoperative Recovery Adults Health Care Hot Sale

Wearing method 1.Adjust the height of the bracket according to the height of the patient, and unscrew the fixing screw to replace the screw hole. 2.Untie all straps and place the bracket on the side of the body 3.Fix the waist straps and chest straps separately and adjust the tightness. 4.Press and hold the adjuster button to adjust the up and down position of the corrective strap so that the corrective pressure pad is at the highest point of the side protrusion. 5. Adjust the shoulder strap and fix it . Maintenance and maintenance cleaning method 1. Wash with a neutral detergent and water in a hand wash. 2. Store in a cool place and avoid exposure to sunlight. 3. Do not use washing machine to wash, dehydrate, dry clean or use bleach. 4. The plastic case is wiped clean with a wet towel. Storage Store at room temperature in a dry place. Precautions 1. It is recommended to use under the guidance of a doctor. 2. When wearing, it should not be too tight or too loose. If there is any discomfort, please stop using it. 3. Children must be used under the supervision of an adult.


Please read the following instructions carefully, it's very important!

Suitable for:

1.Slight lateral scoliosis (spine lateral curvature is 10°-30°), corrective balance, prevention of severe development of lateral protrusion. 2.After scoliosis repair surgery, consolidation of postoperative effect,prevent postoperative adverse changes.


In the early stage of bone growth, the orthoses need to be worn for 24 hours (including sleeping time) in principle. However, except for bathing, they should be maintained for about 23 hours;After the bones stop growing, you only need to wear the orthosis at night and continue to use it for several years to maintain the corrective effect.

* This product is useless for hunchback. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.


1. Most congenital scoliosis braces have poor therapeutic effects.

2. When the angle of juvenile scoliosis exceeds 40 degrees, it is not suitable for treatment.

3. During the treatment of the brace, the scoliosis rapidly progresses more than 5 degrees per year. It has been proved that the brace is invalid and should be treated surgically.

Reason for choice :

1.Lightweight, easy to carry and easy to wash.

2.Correct, treat, aid, and support back problems with the Modetro Sports Posture Corrector: bad posture, neck or shoulder pain, backaches, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, Kyphosis, slumped shoulders, and slouching.

3.Correct posture – Good posture isn/'t just a vote of confidence, it/'s also important to your long-term spinal stabilization. The Modetro Sports straighten up posture aid comfortably pulls your shoulders back to train your spinal alignment for posture improvement over time when used properly. If you are sitting all day at work or the office, you risk permanent damage to your back without spinal realignment. Train your posture with this slouch solution to improve your overall spinal health.

4.body reshape – The posture corrector give you the strong support to your back waist and shoudler, it/'s quite suitable for both teenager and adult to prevent hunchback


SIZE                      HEIGHT ''Medium''          more than 125cm/4.10' /tall

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