Cofoe Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor upgrade automatic sphygmometer voice three-color backlight heart rate and pulse health care


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  • Brand Name: Cofoe
  • Origin: China Mainland
  • Item Type: Blood Pressure
  • Certification: None
  • Model Number: KF-75CPLUS
  • Application: Wrist
  • Measurement method: wrist type
  • Measurement methods: dial test method
  • Pressure monitoring range: 0-40kPa
  • Applicable wrist: 12.5-20cm
  • Size: 67x78x62mm
  • Memory: 192 groups
  • Features: Tri-color backlight
  • version: English vocie version
  • charge method: Only USB charging

Cofoe Digital wrist blood pressure monitor upgrade automatic sphygmomanometer


—-Due to the new version upgrade, there is no white storage box in the package of the sphygmomanometer Sent from China warehouse, but it is packed in a bubble bag.

—-This blood pressure monitor only can use USB charge,can’t use the battery!!!and we will gift USB line.


★ USB charging
★ Large capacity battery life upgrade
★ with voice broadcast,easy to use
★ Wrist measurement, monitoring at any time
★ 192 groups memories
★ Three-color backlight
★ LCD large screen,more clear
★ Small size and soft wristband

☀ old and new upgrade contarst

old–battery charging
new–Only USB charging
old–black&white display
new–Three-color backlight display

Tri-color backlight,Small portable, love for parents

–Monitor blood pressure anytime, anywhere at home/ when traveling

Only USB charging,Used multiple times with one charge

—Easy to use and carry,Carried with you using a power bank

with English voice broadcast

–Simple operation, automatic pressure,voice clearly

With 192 groups memories

—-Press”MEM”,To query the memory value to avoid data loss

Wrist measurement easily

—No need to take off clothes to measure, fast and convenient

Tri-color backlight and Large screen display

—Blood pressure value is clear at a glance

Focus on your health,easy to carry

–Measure and monitor blood pressure health at any time

High pressure remind

—The heart rate is closely related to the incidence of hypertension

Product details

-Intelligent pressure
-Comfortable and skin-friendly wristband
-Light Slim

Product Parameters and package included

-blood pressure monitor*1
-USB line*1
-Outer packaging*1
-English manual*1

Using steps

1.Wear Wristband it correctly
2.Maintain the correct measuring posture
3.Press "ON" to start automatic measurement, wait about 20s for the result

Please pay attention to your blood pressure health

—–Every year, 3 million people die from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular

accidents caused by high blood pressure,

and 90% of hypertensive patients die from hypertensive

complications such as cerebral hemorrhage,

myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, renal failure, etc.

Provide corresponding solutions to problems that occur when measuring blood pressure

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